Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feedback for Practical

Extremely effective use of hand drawn titles with childlike pictures. The flickering effect applied to these is also very effective. The titles are the strongest aspect of the sequence as the framing of the swing shots could have been better. In your next project try to really consider mise-en-scene and how it ctreates meaning. Well done.


This is an example of our title. In order to make this we used Photoshop, we found that the font types that were available were not suitable for our thriller, therefore we created our own.

Production meeting

We have now uploaded our final thriller title sequence, many alterations were put into place. The alterations occurred because we frequently had different ideas, also some of our ideas e.g. the man running we were unable to film because of lack of time with the camera and unable to find an actor for this.
Instead of using this man we decided to have a scene in which we had not put into our animatic, this was the clip of a person using the search engine Google searching the name 'Sophie Robinson'. We used this at the beginning in order to introduce the idea of a missing person and create an emotion of curiosity within the viewer to wonder who and why the girl is missing. We then created a bad TV effect with the computer screen to bring uneasiness to the audience.
The soundtrack we used is the same as the one we used for our animatic, however we changed the Music-box sound to the start of the scene and put the music we made in Garageband in the end. Yet, we feel as though the music fitted in well with our animatic but when we put it into our thriller it did not seem to fit and perhaps lacked continuity. We felt that the Music-box fitted well into the thriller more than the Garageband music at it related to the character as she was a child and it also gave an eery feel conventional with a thriller.
In comparison to our rough-cut of the thriller sequence,we felt we improved the sequence quite a bit. The sequence contained more titles in which we added child-like drawing to accompany the child-like writing. The titles and pictures related to the child character and added an eery feel instead of a happy feel, as we made sure the titles flashed quickly we were able hopefully to convey this intended feeling.
The final sequence in comparison to the rough-cut differed also as the shots of the child were in slow motion this shows distortion in some form in the shot, which conveys to the audience that something is not entirely right within the situation and this could accentuate danger for the character and potentially within the rest of the film.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finished Kidnap.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Film Title for our Thiller Title Sequence


We named our thriller title sequence 'Kidnap' because it explains what happens in the film as the child is snatched from the park by an unknown kidnapper.

The title and all the other credits are in a child type font that we made in photo shop ourselves this brings a more erry effect.


Research on park location

We filmed part of our thriller sequence in a park in Ely.
Here are photos of different parks in other areas to show the different play equipment available and to see all different types of play areas.
Playgrounds are colourful and bright because children like bright colours and normally children are seen as safe in a playground as their guardian's are there to protect them but in our thriller opening sequence that security has been taken away and this is typical in a normal thriller film.


Monday, December 15, 2008

rough cut

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Photos from filming. Location and Characters

This Photo is of the character Sophie Robinson who gets kidnapped by an unknown character. This photo will also be in the missing poster we are making for our title sequence.
Her clothing is typical for a little girl floaty and girly.


Feedback for our Animatic.

We got some very good positive feedback for our animatic sequence.
Most people said that they liked our soundtrack and said it gave an eery atmosphere.
Some people said it put the spectator on the edge of their seats.

Others thought the bit near the end was too quick. Others however disagreed that it was a good effect for our thriller title sequence.



ROUGH CUT Deadline w/c 8th December.
FINAL CUT Deadline w/c 15th December.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Animatic storyboard final


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Cast list in order :
Holly Kidd
Kay Williams
Kelly House
John Mctyre
John Williams
Jade Forn
Sienna Tale
Jane Tom
Colin Mcdonald
Catherine Jum
Sarah Collin
Harriet Moore
Carlol Farny
Josh New


4th production meeting

4th production meeting
This lesson we are taking still images of our animatic storyboard.
locations : Ely play park.
Costumes : Sports clothes, school uniform
Props : Ipod, swings
Influences : Children kidnapping.
We are redrawing our storyboard as some parts are unclear.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Animatic storyboard

Third production meeting : lottie jack jordan
We are planning our title sequence via print out storyboards.
This will eventually will be on our blog and be a animatic storyboard.
We changed our ideas from last week, now we will include a man running and has flashbacks of his missing daughter

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cape Fear

The micro-element I will be analysing within the title sequence of 'Cape Fear' is sound. The opening sequence is saturated with non-diagetic sound and uses orchestral music to accompany the scenes. The use of music within the open sequence creates a dramatic atomosphere as it throughout the scene gets louder, softer and at times is continous and with the sudden input of another instrument can make the viewer feel on edge and not completely sure what to expect both within the piece of music and perhaps within the film's storyline also.
The music creates suspense and tension and also can be percieved as slightly eery. The non-existence of diagetic sound within the opening sequence also adds to this suspense and tension as it disallows the audience to have any connection perhaps to a character and have a feeling of curiosity. The feeling of curiosity is heightened as they can see a visual of a blurred man but no dialogue to associate with the character, adding to the dramatic effect.
The footage coexists harmoniously with the non-diagetic sound, this creating an opening sequence which is both impressionable and thought provoking for the audience.


Analysis of Panic Room opening title sequence

I watched the Panic Room opening sequence and I had to look at the micro element of Camera Work.

Throughout the opening sequence there are many extreme long shots and you can straight away see where the film is being set (New York).
There are a lot of extreme camera angles and shots in the sequence with panning left and right, contrasting between each other. There are experimental shots as well with the camera facing up towards a building and there is also a shot where the camera is high up and shows a building from a high angle.
This makes the spectator feel slightly uneasy as there are extreme heights in this sequence and there is also a feel of tension as you don't know what is coming next.
Each title gets it's own camera shot and there is a metallic look to the words.
A maze like effect is given in this sequence by the camera shots and in the film the panic room is normally situated in the middle of the house and with a maze there is always a space at the centre which represents the goal and a sense of safety as it's not easily accessible to those outside of the maze. Therefore it's just like a panic room.
The buildings are all close together in this opening and this gives a sense of claustrophobia because of the crammed buildings.


Monday, November 17, 2008

New group

Group members: Jordan Van Tonder, Jack Nugget, Sam x and Lottie McKenna.
Aim: A thriller title sequence.
Influential thriller titles: PSYCHO

We thought this was a interesting title sequence because there was no need for video footage, it focused on animation of the text and simple graphics which also highlighted the plot. For example the breaking up of the animation, splitting text was related to the plot as the main character has a split personality disorder. The sound in the titles was very fast paced creating tension and heightening the viewers emotion of suspense, therefore a very simple title sequence with maximum effect.

Influential thriller: Memento

We found this thriller opening quite influential as this title sequence had video footage which was representational of this persons defect. The character is seen looking at a picture which slowly fades, representing his fading memory and eventual loss of memory. The music was slow paced and quite emotional suggesting that the viewer should feel compassion towards the character for the loss of memory or so the character thinks when looking at the titles.

Initial ideas: Playground setting- swing, roundabout, see-saw a conventional playground. Typical for a child to be set in the scene.

Young girl aged 6-10, costume perhaps school uniform, made to look really happy on the play equipment.

Child music, e.g. our own made version of ring-a-rosies recorded.

Characters- Police inspector (father of missing girl, therefore personal involvement and fueled to find his daughter)
Young girl- kidnapped
Kidnapper- Don't see her face, just the back of her.

Protagonist- The girl is young, therefore more venerable to being kidnapped.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008